Experienced multilingual trip leaders

The fact that our trip leaders are native to the tour regions, has two great advantages for you: first it makes the trip more economical since we don’t have to fly personnel and equipment long distances. Second, because our trip leaders are multilingual and local experts, equally familiar with North American culture, they enhance your experience by facilitating your interaction with the local population, whether at a cafe, rural farm or on the road biking.  Read more about us.

Eva cycling in Spain

Pedro with a guest in Marvão, Portugal

Jorge biking in Alentejo, Portugal

Guides: Luis









Luis Faria is frequently guiding hiking and cycling tours with Terracotta Journeys since 2011.

Luis Solera is Terracotta Journeys’ specialist in all things Spanish. A fun-loving Madrileño, Luis studied in the U.S. for many years and now lives in Barcelona. He knows Spain like nobody and acts as our consultant recommending the best kept secrets in Spain, the foods and wines of each region. In his free time, Luis likes to run marathons.

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