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Whether you are interested in culture and history, good food and wine, nature, or family quality time, we have a cycling or walking tour for you. Equally, if you would like an easy bike ride or a challenging one, you are welcome on our tours. While any occasional biker can handle our tours, including the more challenging ones, by hopping on our “guilt free” support van from time to time, some tours are easier than others. And, for the keen cyclists, we have extra loops on the easier days.

Please find a table below explaining the general emphasis of bike tours by interest.

InterestsTours which emphasize this interest:
Culture & History:Alluring Andalusia, World Heritage Grand Tour and Camiño Santiago.
Good Food & Wine:You will find good food and wine on all of our tours. Arguably however there is a greater  emphasis on cuisine on the following tours: The Douro River – the Port Wine Journey, The World Heritage Grand Tour, Alluring Andalusia and the Romantic Tour of Greater Lisboa. If you like fresh grilled ocean fish, then the Costa Azul tour is the one for you.
Nature:Again, you will find nature on all of our tours, but more on the Costa Azul, The Douro River and the Port Wine Journey, Alluring Andalucia and parts of the Romantic Tour of Greater Lisboa.
Family Fun:The most suitable family tours are the World Heritage Grand Tour, the Romantic Tour of Greater Lisboa and the Costa Azul Tour.
Fitness / A little more challenging:The occasional biker can manage all of our tours, but the most challenging ones are the Andalusia tours, due to a couple of steeper climbs and the Camino Santiago Tour due to its longer daily distances.

Choose your tour:

Spain & Portugal – A World Heritage Bike Tour: Cycling in the Extremadura and Alentejo

Portugal – The Costa Azul to the Algarve Bike Tour

Spain – Alluring Andalucia Bike Tour

Spain – The Mythic Camiño de Santiago Bike Tour in Spain

Spain & Portugal – Bike The Douro River and the Port Wine Journey

Portugal – The Romantic mini bike tour of Greater Lisboa

Hiking / Walking Tours

Custom Tours: biking, walking, wine or cultural tours – from 1 day to 2 weeks.

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