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Red, red wine!

According to recent studies, “red wine may be much more potent than was thought in extending human life span”.  At Terracotta Journeys, we guessed as much awhile ago and have been working hard to ensure all of our guests lead healthy long lives. During our “treatments” we provide sporty fun activities during the day and very good foods with special life-span prolonging medicine at dinnertime.   This is one more reason we say “saúde” (health) when we toast!

The Best Cheese for the Big Cheeses

Wine Spectator recently rated the Portuguese sheep’s cheese “Queijo de Nisa” from the producer Monforqueijo as one of the top cheeses of the world.  Terracotta Journeys’ guests have known how tasty this cheese is for a while, since we’ve been serving it on our picnics accompanied by some of the best Douro or Alentejo wines.

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