Special Prices

Special Prices Policy: Special prices and promotions policy – individuals:

If you have travelled with us previously, you will automatically receive a 5% discount on any Terracotta Journeys trip. But, if you take two trips in the same year (i.e. two tours in 2008), you receive a 10% discount on the price of the second trip.  Promotions are non-cumulative.

Special prices and promotions policy – groups:
With a group tour you get special prices and a tailored tour of a lifetime.

Group Prices – Guided Tours:

Group Size Discount Saving up to (depends on the trip):

Group size (#people) Every guest gets a discount of: Total saving up to: (depending on the trip)
6 5% $1,045
8 6% $1,672
10 8% $2,787
14-16 10% $5,574

Group prices must be reserved directly with Terracotta Journeys and are not cumulative with other promotions.

Contact us for unguided cycling or walking trips. Unguided tours have special prices and we can adapt the acommodations to your preferences, for instance, by using charming but inexpensive bed and breakfasts.

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