The beauty of cycling in Spain

Cordoba, during a cycling tour.

Red polka-dotted flamenco dresses and charging bulls are only a couple of the images that may come to mind when the cyclist or hiker thinks of Spain. Set on the Iberian Peninsula with borders adjoining France and Portugal as well as the Atlantic to the north and the Mediterranean to the south and east, Spain offers the active traveller a spectacular array of landscapes and regions to explore.

Terracotta Journeys tours introduce cyclists and hikers to both the iconic attractions of Spain such as the ancient mosque of Cordoba, or the Roman ruins of Mérida as well as the ephemeral attractions such as the scent of the almond trees in Andalusia, the taste of a juicy ripe tomato with olive oil, or the wonderful tradition of families gathering in the town square on balmy Spanish evening. Terracotta Journeys leads cyclists and hikers along routes carefully selected for their breath-taking scenery as well as historical significance. Cyclists and hikers may ride or walk over the same rolling hills of olive orchards as Don Quixote, the verdant local mountain ranges of southern Spain with views of the snow-topped peaks behind Granada or explore the lush green valleys and dales that pilgrims enjoy ever year on their mystical route to the spiritual site of Santiago de Compostela.

Spain is a cycling hidden gem

Cyclists in Andalusia, Spain

On every cycling or hiking tour, Terracotta Journeys leads cyclists and hikers on a culinary voyage as well: the chance to savor local culinary delights ranging from the local cheeses and handmade desserts to tapas and regional cooking, since we feel this is a fundamental part of the traveler’s experience in Spain. After every day of cycling or hiking crafted to perfectly balance nature and culture, the active traveler will sleep soundly in historical hotels, feeling truly satisfied knowing that they have seen and tasted the best Spain has to offer.

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Spanish Paelha

Bicycling in Andalucia, Spain


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